This photograph is from July 20th, 2005 (or from almost 2 years ago); the place – Sofia, “Khadji Dimityr” district.

Urban Paysage...

I was accidentally there, I liked the sunset a lot, then just took out my digital camera and pressed the shutter… :)

5 thoughts on “Urban Paysage

  1. :-) It seems to me you can make wonderful photos with anything that looks at least a bit as a camera…

    I wonder what would it be when you’ll have a real one?

  2. Fabuloso Photo. Wow. I love it! :-) Yes, good job on the short posts. And I’ve really been trying to do that too! Thanks for the suggestion ;-)

  3. Thx, Andrea :-)

    Actually, I write much more currently in the Bulgarian section of my blog, both short and long posts… but in this case, ‘A photo can be worth a thousand words’…

    Cheers :)

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