London, UK - Big Ben at nightSome may wonder why suddenly I stopped writing in my blog.

Some may even wonder if I am alive or not:-)

Well, to make the long story short, I’ll explain in brief here the reason for my silence and what happened since February 21st:

I had to fly to London, UK (via Milano) on February 26th, and I came back to Sofia on March 6th. It was a trip related to my work, so I hadn’t much free time in London for sightseeing – actually, my only free time there was in the early morning, while walking to the office of GreenNet, late in the evenings, while walking back to the cheap hotel I stayed at (near King’s Cross), and also one free week-end…

After my return, work and some problems caught up on me almost 24/7, so I hadn’t no free time for blogging or anything else (let me just say that only yesterday me and my wife saw for the first time some of the photos and videos from my trip… and some more are yet to be seen)…

London, UK - the London Eye and Big Ben on the Thames river at nightSo here I am – just a couple of words, my dear readers, after this long break in my writing. Later (I hope so) I will sort out some of my best photos, and will tell a couple of small stories about the things which I’ve found interesting and worth to be mentioned, while there – including, maybe:

  • My visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221b, Baker Street;
  • the London Eye and Big Ben (one can’t really pass through London and then not to mention them;-);
  • the incredible number of cyclists on the streets of London, which are exremely fast (and extremely cautious, at the same time – all of them ride with front and rear LED lights at night);
  • the funny adventure with the squirrels in the St. James Park (and one photo which my wife liked so much);
  • the Guiness beer, or why people like to drink this really terrible beer (I do not know the why, actually, but it was interesting for me to try it for the first time);
  • and a couple of more impressions from this big, old, colorful city.

For now, that’s enough, I believe.

Now I am going to put on my jacket, to fill up my Aldo Morelli pipe with some aromatic tobacco, and go on a slow walk with my lovely wife – because calm, peace, and not to be in a hurry for some time is what I lack the most, lately.

4 thoughts on “London, UK, or why I didn’t write for one month

  1. Hi Michel
    You might like to visit my site if you want to reminisce your travels to London or show off some of your photos. I was looking for your London photos as I really liked the one on this page of the London Eye, but I can’t find the others. I’ll keep looking! :)

    [Michel’s NOTE: Sorry, no links are allowed to sites heavy with advertising… and is such a website]

  2. i am a gcse student and i was wondering if i could use your big ben photo

  3. @daniel:

    My photos are under CC BY-NC-SA license:

    This means that you are free to use any of my photos, as long as:
    1) You mention me (Michel) somewhere as the author of the photo, and if the photo will be used online, add a link to my website (,
    2) You do not use the photo in a commercial way (you cannot sell it, or use it in a commercial project/website).

    If these two conditions are met, feel free to use my photo! I’d be even willing to send you a larger variant of the photo, if you need one!

    If you would like to use the photo in a commercial way, you might ask me for permission, and I may ask you for a moderate donation for its use! ;-)

    Let me know if this works for you!

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