We are tied to the ocean…

Here’s a quote that really clicked with me while while I was browsing the Sailing Soulianis blog by Lauren & Kirk.

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”
— John F. Kennedy

A sailboat sailing on the ocean on a sunny day
(photo credits: https://sailingsoulianis.com)

Maybe this explains why I often feel significantly better when being at the seaside, and then much worse when I need to head back to the big city where I am spending most of my time currently, working and living.

This short blog post is just a reminder to myself that the ocean is there, waiting, and it is where I feel betterwe all feel better. So maybe one day I should go go back to it, with my beloved Ani 💖… just live at the seaside, or maybe even roam the seas for a while before settling in a nice little house by the sea, who knows?

What would be life without dreams? :-)

Lanson Black Label… and the Rila Lakes

If someone ever says to you, that he is able to climb on an altitude of 2.5 km, bringing with him real French champagne and crystal glasses from Bohemia…

The Rila Lakes

Lanson Black Label champagne and the Rila Lakes

Lanson Black Label and two glasses

…you may at least try to believe him! ;-)

(2006, October 1st and 2nd, two weary travellers are celebrating high up in the mountains with Lanson Black Label French champagne; there are no other two adventurers like the two of us!:-) I’d like again to be able to do such crazy thing with Ani. These photos have been in out digital photo archive for 3 years or so… It’s maybe the inappropriate time to bring them up… but maybe it’s just the right time!…)

London, UK, or why I didn’t write for one month

London, UK - Big Ben at nightSome may wonder why suddenly I stopped writing in my blog.

Some may even wonder if I am alive or not:-)

Well, to make the long story short, I’ll explain in brief here the reason for my silence and what happened since February 21st:

I had to fly to London, UK (via Milano) on February 26th, and I came back to Sofia on March 6th. It was a trip related to my work, so I hadn’t much free time in London for sightseeing – actually, my only free time there was in the early morning, while walking to the office of GreenNet, late in the evenings, while walking back to the cheap hotel I stayed at (near King’s Cross), and also one free week-end…

After my return, work and some problems caught up on me almost 24/7, so I hadn’t no free time for blogging or anything else (let me just say that only yesterday me and my wife saw for the first time some of the photos and videos from my trip… and some more are yet to be seen)…

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