The short answer to the question, “Is COPYTRACK a scam — or a plain fraud?” is yes — because…

…You need to read on about what happened to Ani in February this year when an email from (allegedly) COPYTRACK lawyers landed in her inbox. The entire email conversation with COPYTRACK is then described in great detail and you will learn a great deal about COPYTRACK’s shady practices.

To sum things up, it turns out that Ani has used in one of her blog posts an image representing a puzzle purse Valentine card from c. 1790 (!) that since many years is part of The Postal Museum’s collection (!) in London. A photograph of the puzzle card was taken by a museum photographer in 2011. A smaller copy of the card was used at some point by Ani in her blog — and after an inquiry addressed to the Postal Museum, it was then used even with an official permission.

Yet COPYTRACK tried to extort some money from Ani by using “legal threats” and pretending that they own the copyright for this puzzle card! Once COPYTRACK have learned that Ani is in touch with the Postal Museum’s Senior Archivist and the archivist assured Ani that the card is in the museum collection for a long time — and that she can use the card on her blog — COPYTRACK suddenly cut all communication and disappeared.

So be careful. If you receive an email from COPYTRACK and their “lawyers”, make a thorough investigation first — and do not send them them any money before making sure that their claims are valid!

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