Yesterday me, Ani, and our daughter, and some very good friends of ours, went to a Tim Booth & We Are James concert. The event was in Thessaloniki, at the Moni Lazariston monastery, in the open. It was an amazing experience!

Different — yes, but also fantastic, like the previous time (in an age long gone, it was the summer of 2019) when we went to see Tim Booth in Thessaloniki, at the Fix Factory.

Music is magic. Tim’s music is pure magic. 🎵🎶

Update (2023.07.14): I recorded a few short videos during the concert. Here’s one:

P.S. Tim Booth liked my tweet after the event!! 💖

I very rarely check my Twitter now (I’m still in my “digital detox” mode) but I’ve made an exception that night in Thessaloniki. :)

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