The tired hobbits are in the house of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry:

“At last Tom and Goldberry rose and cleared the table swiftly. The guests were commanded to sit quiet, and were set in chairs, each with a footstool to his tired feet. There was a fire in the wide hearth before them, and it was burning with a sweet smell, as if it were built of apple-wood. When everything was set in order, all the lights in the room were put out, except one lamp and a pair of candles at each end of the chimney-shelf. Then Goldberry came and stood before them, holding a candle; and she wished them each a good night and deep sleep.

‘Have peace now,’ she said, ‘until the morning! Heed no nightly noises! For nothing passes door and window here save moonlight and starlight and the wind off the hill-top. Good night!’

She passed out of the room with a glimmer and a rustle. The sound of her footsteps was like a stream falling gently away downhill over cool stones in the quiet of night.”

—John Tolkien, The Lord Of The Rings, book 1, chapter 7

One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite books! The next time I wish my daughter “Good night,” I’ll quote Goldberry when she wished the hobbits good night. This will be probably tonight. :-)

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