Years ago, while exploring Gravit Designer*, I created with its help an illustration of a lighthouse on a night sea.

The Lighthouse -- a vector illustration created in Gravit Designer, in 2015.
“The Lighthouse,” a vector illustration that I created in Gravit Designer, in 2015.”

Fast-forward to today, now Gravit Designer is Corel Vector* (RIP, Gravit!), the world of graphic design software has changed a lot, and one of the most popular apps for screen design became Figma Design. I wanted to try Figma and learn its basic tools and workflows, so I opened Figma and tried to make a similar illustration in it. And couple of hours later — voilĂ , all done!

“The Lighthouse” (Figma Design, 2022) — final version with colors and everything.

The experience was fun and overall I liked Figma’s vector tools and how they behave. Only nitpick: I am missing a real noise filter in Figma, but now that Rogie King is working on a Noise & Textures plugin — currently it’s work-in-progress — I am sure this will be not an issue soon.

“The Lighthouse” (Figma Design, 2022) — vector outlines and colors overlaid.

“The Lighthouse” (Figma Design, 2022) — vector outlines only.

P.S. It’s sad to see Dribbble change so much — now it’s even impossible to post an image and not see it blurry and pixellated.

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