I wasn’t drawing for months, then I tried again. Some things take time, plus, the years 2020/2021 took their toll on me so I was too tired to draw and to be creative… Still, I tried.

The Party Tree, the beginning of this illustration. (Monsters & Carrots project)

And some things take a lot of time. It took me almost eight months from the A5 blank sheet of paper in my notebook, till the moment when I was mostly happy with the final fullcolor illustration, ready to be scanned! Once done and scanned, it required cleaning up some pixels and adjusting a few things, before making a couple of test prints.

The Party Tree, when I reached the stage of scanning the drawing and then fixing a few stray pixels in Adobe Fireworks. (Monsters & Carrots project)

Once I did some test prints and a few adjustments in-between them, the final A3 print was ready, framed and shining in all its glory.

The Party Tree, the illustration is now printed and framed! (Monsters & Carrots project)

I am not drawing much lately. Maybe it’s just a moment in my life, when I need to pause, to reflect, to take some rest.

But I am very happy with “The Party Tree” which I completed and sold at the end of 2021, in only one copy. And what’s more, the person who commissioned this artwork, was also happy! 💖

We make art for ourselves but also for others. The world is in such a dark state now… We need more art and more light in it.

(Edit: You can also see these three stages of the illustration in my Dribbble profile.)

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