I didn’t write here recently, nor did I post new photos…

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I spent many years with Nokia Lumia 830 (Windows Phone 8.1). Lumia 830 has a brilliant camera! I especially like how it “paints” light (a.k.a. bokeh) when you shoot close-ups/macro. Here are two examples with Lumia 830:

Mini-roses in the hot summer afternoon
Roses in the hot summer afternoon… — 500px. (Nokia Lumia 830)

Little magical forest kingdom.
Little Magical Forest Kingdom — 500px. (Nokia Lumia 830)

Carl Zeiss optics, ’nuff said! (Of course, when you shoot portraits and make photos from a greater distance, things become much more ordinary — the limitations of the too small lens come into play.)

But the hardware and the software of the Lumia 830 became too old, this is a 5+ years old model. So time has come for something new

Google Pixel 4 (Google Android 11). Pixel 4 als has great optics! Here are two sample photos which I made with the Pixel 4:

Sunset. (Google Pixel 4)

Little mushrooms
Little mushrooms. (Google Pixel 4)

In addition to the good optics of the Pixel 4 (which can be compared with the Lumia 830 optics), the Pixel has a powerful AI which is able to improve the dynamic range of the photos (shadows and highlights can be well balanced), it can shoot in portrait mode (put the subject in focus and “blur” the background), it can shoot stars, and more and more… But I’ll write about the Pixel 4 in more detail maybe some other time… :-)

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