Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 2 h
Idea/Completed: 2010/Sep/24 @ 18:20
Fireworks PNG: [ download ]

All vector work and fully scalable (see illustration in supersize format). Inspired by Mark’s RPMs illustration. :)

8 thoughts on “Daily Design (2010-042): Car Dashboard

  1. Wow! Great to see fireworks potential on Dribbble. I hope i can help in there too ;-)

  2. @Luis:

    One of the best is undoubtedly Rogie — but I’ll contribute, too! ;)

    About the .fw.png extension — I simply add the extension manually — I now type “fw.png” when I create an editable Fireworks PNG. Helps me keep things better organized! :) (There was an idea once to change the default Fireworks extension to something else, but it really never took off… I personally like the editable .png, because you can open it even in a browser and see a flattened version.)

  3. Anyway to get the original fw file? I’m a huge BMW enthusiast and am looking at creating some graphics for the car that I autocross on weekends and this would be a great template to work from. Thanks! Super job….really….

  4. @Randall:

    I don’t mind sharing with you the Fireworks PNG file — I presume you know Fireworks pretty well? The illustration above was made for practice and for my own pleasure; I’d be happy if someone can build on top of it (I’d be curious also to see what you can come up with). :-)

    But — actually, the Fireworks editable PNG is shared in this post already — see “Fireworks PNG: [ download ]” the link below the illustration! :-)

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