My second big article for Smashing Mag was published last Friday:

The Power of Adobe Fireworks: What Can You Achieve With It?

A few days later, the article has over 100 comments, was re-tweeted over 1000 times (!), managed to get to the front page of (as one of the most bookmarked online resources for one day), and was mentioned even by cool dudes such as Matthew Inman, whose comic strip TheOatmeal is also 100% pure Fireworks work.

Among all the interesting, valuable, pointless, positive and negative comments, I mostly liked comments like “Why you put the Firefox logo at the beginning of the article, if the article is about Fireworks?”… ;)

Anyway… after a few nights of hard work (and countless days, spent in front of my ThinkPad with a cup of coffee), the article was finally published… but right now I am just feeling tired.

Writing my smashing article #2 was actually very fun and inspiring, but now there’s only work ahead of me, so… I’m going back to my ThinkPad and my cup of coffee! ;)

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