A while ago I wrote a short post about an easy way to remove the following code from the HEAD of a WordPress blog:

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress [version number]" />

This included only the modification of the functions.php file in your theme. But then it occurred to me that there should be now even an easier way — via a plugin. And there is such a plugin, indeed!

Remove-Generator-Meta-Tag WordPress Plugin

It’s very simple (one line of code, actually) and easy to activate & use. Simply upload to your ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory and activate it via the WP Admin interface.

There are probably other similar plugins, but this one is the simplest I could find!

Enjoy! :-)

2 thoughts on “Plugin for removing <meta name="generator" content="WordPress…" /> in WordPress blogs

  1. @George:

    You’re welcome! :-) Your plugin is even easier to use than manually adding one line of PHP code to the functions.php theme file; I have used it in a couple of projects, when I needed to hide the WP version from the HTML source.

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