I saw some of the Erik Dasque’s excellent work by accident, following a link from the Zen Photo gallery.

A photo of a flower (Canon 5D), made by photographer Erik Dasque

See his portfolio here:


I myself, being an amateur photographer, have tried numerous times to make beautiful macro photos of flowers and such, but this nice defocus I see in the example of Erik, made with a Canon 5D, shows clearly how far away are small digital cameras from the professional DSLRs…

This flower, by Erik, I liked very much, so I am using a resized copy of it here, with link & credits; I hope this is not a problem… :-)

2 thoughts on “A Flower

  1. @Erik:

    Yes, I browsed through it, too, already! :-)

    And thanks for letting me use a resized version of your flower! :)))

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