17'628 km on the roads with my bike(s)This number showed today my bike computer, under Total Odometer Distance.

It means, I made 17’628 km, or almost 11’000 miles, in approx. 4 years, since I own a bicycle.

Is this too much or too less?

I remember, I was very proud when I made my first 1’000 km. And even prouder after my first 10’000 km. But now that I think of it, I don’t even remember, when I made all of these thousands of kilometers. It somehow just happened without me ever noticing.

I cycled to work, everyday. I cycled sometimes in the evening after work, in the parks of Sofia and in-between them. I cycled sometimes during the week-ends, too, on longer or shorter distances. Some of my rides were short ones, some – quite long. I cycled during summer. And during winter. In rain and in snow. On ice and in the sun. I cycled when there was fog so dense you couldn’t see more than 10 meters ahead of you.

Jeff Veen explained it very well in his post On pain and cycling.

I always feel happy when riding my bike. It’s part of my life now. I can’t breathe without it. And I’m happy than Ani shared most of my bike rides:-)

I’ll keep the post short.

But also, I’ll just let this number 17’628 flow in the air and fill me with some (merited) pride:-)

3 thoughts on “17’628

  1. Michel, for some people is too much, for other is too less…As I know you, for you 17′628 km are simply not enough… ;-)

    Wish you more miles together in sun, rain and snow :-)

  2. Thx:)

    I’ll write more on the cycling subject, which is one of my passions – about my current bike, and the bikes I owned, the equipment I use, maybe make an outline of some of my most interesting rides… For now I just wanted to start the ‘Cycling’ category and to let me be proud of my current mileage :-)

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