Banjo Pigs in Technicolor

What can be better than a nice drawing of a pig with a banjo? A pig with banjo… in fullcolor!

— this is how I interpreted the colors. And here’s another variant — here’s how Ani interpreted the colors:

How we did it? First, print high-res variant of the illustration, then some water pencils to color it, followed by high-res scan and finally, resize/export in Adobe Fireworks. Done!

Note 1: The color variants of Nixo‘s illustrations are under the same CC license as is the original illustration.)
Note 2: No banjo pigs were harmed during the coloring of these pictures! ;)

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  1. Banjo Pigs in Technicolor (2) • optimiced | en Says:

    […] is from the same evening, when we, together with friends, were coloring with water pencils some banjo pigs… Interesting to see that everyone sees different colors in the same drawing, […]

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