Daily Design (2010-051): Double Snake Logo

Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 5 m
Idea/Completed: 2010/Oct/20 @ 22:00

Inspired by a movie that I very much liked! ;) So I just re-created this logo with vectors.

On a //sideline: I think this is one of the beautiful examples of clean design, that is simple, yet powerful. And in this case, it carries also a very subtle (double) meaning, that falls perfectly in place in its original context. I do not know who was the designer, but I admire his work… :)

So… Instead of explaining… what if I ask: What is this? :-)

Hint #1: I re-created this logo, not invented it!
Hint #2: Inspired by a movie!
Hint #3: 1980’s is the time period.

Anyone? ;-)


Comments to “Daily Design (2010-051): Double Snake Logo”:

  1. Chris Says:

    Karate Kid?

  2. Michel Says:


    No! :)

  3. Michel Says:

    And approximately one hour later, we have a winner!

    Next time, I’ll try to come up with a more complicated riddle! ;-)

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