A small trip to the East…

Last Saturday, we met my grand-pa for the first time. On Sunday, he turned 95! :-)

Here, I’d like to share a few shots from this trip (we traveled from Sofia around 200 km to the East to meet him):

Paysage with train

BDZ (Bulgarian Railways, at Gorna Oryahovitza)


Veliko Tyrnovo

TV Tower at Arbanassi


A green house (Arbanassi)

The old school (Samovodene)...

A tower with a town clock (Samovodene)

Agoitza Fountain (Samovodene)

A tower at the girls' monastery Peter & Paul (Lyaskovetz)

A red tractor



a green lizard

Four-leaved clover




A beautiful red locomotive (Gorna Oryahovitza)

Flowers on the train station

A small sparrow

the train

These are just a few colorful impressions from our trip… :-)

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