Crystals made with Fireworks

Today’s been ‘play day’. I’ve been doing some tutorials for Adobe Fireworks (and also Flash).

One of them was a tutorial on how to create 3D-looking crystals with Fireworks, by Thierry Lorey.

Here are the links to it:

Introduction &
The tutorial itself.

And here are my humble tries to reproduce the effect in Fireworks:

Crystals made with Adobe Fireworks (image 1)
Crystals made with Adobe Fireworks (image 2)
Crystals made with Adobe Fireworks (image 3)

Didn’t take me longer than 10 minutes:-)

Note: Images made with Adobe Fireworks CS3, but Macromedia Fireworks 8 or earlier version can be used, as well. Editable PNGs are available here: [image_1] [image_2] [image_3]


Comments to “Crystals made with Fireworks”:

  1. Thierry Says:

    Well done Michel!

  2. Michel Says:


    Thanks! :-) Your tutorial was very good, so I was able to reproduce the steps to create this ‘crystal’ effect über-easily;-)

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