Roomba vs TV?

I saw a funny post about a robot which cleans your house and laughed a lot (found via

But I got a little be annoyed that the author of the comic strip maybe thinks that watching TV is the thing which’ll make his life easier and more efficient. You save time… to be in front of the TV set? Hmm…

Here’s my version (redrawn quickly with Macromedia Fireworks):

My variant of the Roomba save-time feature

(Because I’m lucky, the author has published the picture under CC and I can make changes to it, by mentioning him as the original author:-)

And I have gave up television totally a few years ago. We do not have a TV at home, and do not plan to have any in the future.

You can gain so much free time by getting rid of it!

Time used for drawing for your own pleasure, for example:)))

PS This is not a joke:)

Update (2009/03/20): The original comic strip has a new address:-)


Comments to “Roomba vs TV?”:

  1. » Blog Archive » Roomba vs TV? Says:

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  2. Marfa Says:

    Ае, да те питам, откъде мога да се ограмотя да правя флаш и по-конкретно неща като по-елементарни игрици и други такива? Само хелпа на Fireworks дали ще ми е достатъчен, тоест, или какво да си търся? :( Много ми е наложително понеже :?

  3. Douglas Karr Says:

    Ha! I’d be doing the same exact thing!

  4. Michel Says:

    Thx for dropping by, Doug! :-)

    You’d be playing ping-pong and riding a bicycle? Good! That’s a wise thing to do when you have a cleaning robot at home:-)

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