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Michael Jackson – The King Of Stars

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

(I am a bit late with this post, but the draft was lying around for quite some time… I just did’t find the words. I think that even now, I didn’t find them — but I prefer to say them, as they are, than to remain silent…)

A legend was gone on June 25th 2009. Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson - the King of Pop

Some have found a good word or two, for him.

Others, have drawn wallpapers, or some drawings, to remember him…

Leading medias, like CNN, dedicated special page to Michael

The day he was gone, YouTube, Amazon and a lot of other “Top 100” websites, mentioned this on their front pages…

And my words… I can’t find them. I am sad. But not because Michael won’t have concerts in London this summer, but because some geniuses have so hard life, and can’t flee from Fate.

Michael Jackson was rejected by many, but he will be remembered, by many.

Michael JacksonNot a long ago, we watched again Moonwalker. I forgot this movie. It’s good.

It is naïve, at some moments, but funny, and Michael dances incredibly, the music is good — what more a man can wish? ;-)

Some scenes in it are unforgettable. “Smooth Criminal” in the Club 30’s, for example. Or the dance with the Hare:)

I wrote earlier this year, that Michael will have concerts in London (Summer 2009). But Michael is no more, and CNN just released a video from one of his last rehearsals:

…In my teenage years, I was big fan of his music, but even more, of his dance. There are a lot of imitators of his style. Are there better dancers than him? Yes. But Michael, he was unique, he had magnetism no other dancer maybe ever had…

Moon walk? O, yes, it’s not his invention…

Here are a few names, some of them I never heard before:

Fred Astaire, Bill Bailey, Buck and Bubbles, Cab Calloway, Clarck Brothers, Sammy Davis Jr., Daniel L. Haynes, Rubberneck Holmes, Patterson & Jackson, Eleanor Powell, Bill Robinson, “Three Chefs”, “Tip, Tap and Toe”, Earl Snakehips Tucker… They are his predecessors. And here’s a historical video:

But, the Moon Walk, Michael could do it like anynone else! :-)

Once, I remember I saw a video, he was doing the moon walk sideways in it! It was amazing to watch…

Michael Jackson was a legend, a star, while he was alive, but now I believe he is a Star in the Sky…

I can’t find the right words to express what I feel.

Rest in Peace, Michael! I bow in front of you and your talent! That’s all I can say…

And I hope, your soul have found Peace…

J. J. Cale, Sensitive Kind, and a sunny Saturday afternoon

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Saturday, early afternoon.

It’s sunny outside.

The second cup of coffee is preparing (it’s my favourite Jacobs Monarch Classic), J.J. Cale’s Sensitive Kind is quietly playing on the Cambridge Soundworks 250D/S700, I lazily read friends’ blogs… That’s a good start of the day! :-)

[Flash player with embedded audio of JJ Cale, “Sensitive Kind”.]

J. J. Cale: Sensitive Kind

Don’t take her for granted, she has a hard time,
Don’t misunderstand her or play with her mind.

Treat her so gently, it will pay you in time,
You’ve got to know she’s the sensitive kind.

Tell her you love her, each and every night
And you will discover she will treat you right.

If you believe, I know you will find
There ain’t nothing like the sensitive kind.

She gets lonely waiting for you,
You are the only thing to help her through.

Don’t take her for granted, she has a hard time,
You’ve got to know she’s the sensitive kind.

Just a few more tracks with JJ, a bit more coffee with milk, and then I may switch to a more active mode, but for now, I like it this way! :-)

[Flash player with embedded audio of JJ Cale, “Don’t cry sister”.]

[Flash player with embedded audio of JJ Cale & Eric Clapton, “Three Little Girls”.]

The sun is smiling at me, I am smiling at the sun… :)

As to JJ Cale — he’s a discovery of Ani and batpep — he was a teacher of Eric Clapton, and I can say only this — great music! In fact, I wonder, how did he not become more famous than Eric C.?;-) (You can find more of J.J.’s recordings on…)

Michael Jackson – Concerts in London, 2009!

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Michael Jackson posterMichael Jackson, the legend, the King of Pop, the unforgettable, the unique…

Michael Jackson will have a series of conerts in London in July 2009!

I’ve got the news from BBC’s website:, but you can also read about it on, as well.

Tickets will be available on:

The prices for the tickets will be quite decent — £75/ £65/ £50, you just have to grab two tickets and then book your airline tickets, too (unless you are lucky and live in London, of course;-) Btw, tickets will be available after March 13th.

Michael Jackson

I don’t think there was, or ever will be a person in this world that can dance like Michael Jackson…

(I might be wrong, of course…)

Unfortunately, I’ll have to postpone my dreams of seeing Michael Jackson live in London this summer (because of financial reasons)…

But I always liked him. Not his songs so much, but his dance, because it is truly unique as style. No matter how many imitators there will be in this world, they’ll remain simply imitators, because he is The One… The person, who invented the Moon Walk… The person, who has sold millions of copies of the ‘Thriller’ album…

…And the rest, as they say it, is simply History! ;-)

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