Happy St. Valentines’s Day… or sort of:)

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First, happy St. Valentine’s day to everyone;-)

Sorry for the dark accompanying image, but I couldn’t restrain myself – this artist (a recent discovery of Ani’s, btw) brought me to tears from laughing with his black humour, but maybe my it’s just due to my fatigue (too much work lately), the tries of the French flu to get hold of me a second time this winter, and my slightly dark mood…

We exchanged already a couple of presents with Ani (including a very interesting book by Bernard Werber) and plan to have a great evening, supper and all and pondering upon the meaning of the Universe over a cup of orange juice (the reason being my recent vow for no caffeine/wine/tanine/beer for one week;-)

Windows Vista or MacOS X?

Everybody is talking about the new Microsoft Windows Vista OS.

Meanwhile, I didn’t write about a lot of interesting things which happened lately – the light show in Sofia on New Year’s Eve, when Bulgaria became officially a member of the European Union; the climb to Vitosha mountain with friends, to Cherni Vryh (2290 m), a few weeks ago – January 13th, to be precise (and the unpublished photos from this climb, too); the concert of the Dublin City Workingman’s Band in Sofia (on January 26th, in NDK, Hall #2); and I didn’t even write a post, explaining what is the real Yahoo! logo, and what is the one that I have drawn myself.

Shame on me!:-)

Instead of writing, I was ill for some time, because a nasty flu coming from France (or so they said) caught me; and I was working, working a lot. This is what happened and I hope that I’ll have again some time to update my blog; meanwhile, let’s return to the subject of this post:

Windows Vista or MacOS X? I don’t know, frankly.

But here’s a nice picture on the subject (click to enlarge):

Windows Vista or MacOS X?


PS Some say The WOW starts now! and some say that it already started; for my part, I don’t believe something so revolutionary happened; time will show:)