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I don’t have to wear this badge anymore:)

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Some may remember when I published a short entry on the possible (and scary) fate of 6 Bulgarian nurses and a doctor, convicted to death penalty by the court in Lybia.

I am happy that they are now back home, in my country, all safe and sound, after more than 8 years spent in a distant prison… Things could go better, things could go worse… “All is well that ends well”, and I think, this is one of those cases:)

I write now quite rarely in the English version (not enough free time), but I hope this will change soon:) Anyway, just wanted to ‘close’ this subject, 7 months after my initial post about it…

The End of Winter (which never came)

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Winter, by Joshua BryantSo winter never came to Bulgaria this winter… and now it’s almost gone.

No, the photo above is not mine, and it is not from some park in the city I live in… It’s just a thumbnail of a very nice winter paysage by Joshua Bryant (click thumbnail to see in its original size on Joshua’s flickr account). I almost envy him that he had had such a winter – snow and all…

I look now outside of the window. Everything is bathed in sunlight, it is almost 20 degrees Celsius outside, no snow, no wind, and the trees will start to blossom soon, I guess. Lots of days in January, February, even in December, were like this one. I’m a cyclist and the whole winter I was able to ride without problems, without freezing, without the usual battle with snow and ice on the roads… So I should be happy. Or should I?…

It is strange, not natural, somehow. Usually, during winter in Sofia, there are lots of cold days, with snow, fog, freezing wind, temperatures dropping way below zero degrees C… and now?


Comet McNaught says Goodbye

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

The comet McNaught and the Milky Way (see the photo in its original size on the NASA website)Lately I wanted to say a couple of words about the comet McNaught. What decided me finally was this extraordinary photo, published on the 12th of February on the APOD website (click the thumbnail to see it in its original size). The shot was taken in New Zealand, at the end of January. You can also see part of the Milky Way – our home:)

This comet was called by many “the most photogenic comet of our time” и “the great comet of 2007”, and not without a reason.

The comet McNaught and its long tail - see the photo in full size on the NASA websiteNow the comet moves away from the Sun and the Earth, but it still can be seen in the Southern hemisphere. Not a long ago was published a photo in which the tail of the comet stretched on almost the whole Southern sky – its lenghth was 150 million kilometres, or approx. 1 astronomical unit (AU)!

You should also see one incredible montage from 3 photographs of the photographer Antti Kemppainen!

Enough about Space for today… Now I go to the window – it’s true that the comet cannot be seen anymore from our latitude, but I can at least wave to it with my hand, right? :-)

Note: The Astronomy Picture of the Day, supported by NASA, is a very valuable resource – on this website every day is published one photograph or image/illustraion of our Universe, together with a short explanation by a professional astronomer. Some photos, especially those made by the Hubble telescope, littereally can take your breath away with its beauty and depth… and they make you realise, how small we are, people:-) I visit it often – there’s always something to see and discover:-)

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