Photo Styles in Adobe Fireworks

In general, Adobe Fireworks is not intended for serious photo manipulations.

{fw} Lincoln car (Fw style)

However, the program has such capabilities too, which is a great plus when one’s working in a “mixed” (vectors+bitmaps) design mode, for screen.

The above illustration was created in less than 3 seconds, using a simple photo, and applying a ready-to-use photo style in Fireworks.

Here’s the original:

{fw} Lincoln car (photo)

Photo styles can be installed quite easily and then (re)used in any kinds of situations.

Here are a couple of interesting sets for your attention:

Photo styles set (1), by Mikko Vartio
Photo styles set (2), by Linus Lim

The end results can be quite interesting, and it all takes just a couple of clicks! Also note, you can easily create your own styles, for all kinds of possible uses (not limited to slight photo-retouching). :)

Banjo Pigs in Technicolor (2)

Two more “color” interpretations of the Nixo’s banjo pigs:

Colors by Vladi
(ths is how Vladi saw the colors in the illustration)

Colors by Vanya Ivanova
(and this is how Vanya Ivanova saw the colors in the illustration)

This is from the same evening, when we, together with some friends, were coloring with water pencils some banjo pigs… Interesting to see that everyone sees different colors in the same drawing, isn’t it? :)

Banjo Pigs in Technicolor

What can be better than a nice drawing of a pig with a banjo? A pig with banjo… in fullcolor!

— this is how I interpreted the colors. And here’s another variant — here’s how Ani interpreted the colors:

How we did it? First, print high-res variant of the illustration, then some water pencils to color it, followed by high-res scan and finally, resize/export in Adobe Fireworks. Done!

Note 1: The color variants of Nixo‘s illustrations are under the same CC license as is the original illustration.)
Note 2: No banjo pigs were harmed during the coloring of these pictures! ;)