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Why you should ditch your car and ride a bike

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Not that I didn’t write on the subject before, but it’s kinda nice to read about the same thing elsewhere, isn’t it? :-)

Top money saving tip #1: Get rid of your car + ride a bike instead.

Seriously, a car is a money suck, it ruins the environment and it makes you lazy. Having a bike is fun. It makes your quality of life go way up… you get exercise, you smile more and it’s kinda fast.


Blog Action Day (2007)

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action DayTwo words from me (you can check the Bulgarian version of this post, which is much more detailed).

It’s about the bicycle.

Yes, that bicycle.

A lot of people are writing today in their blogs, how we can change to world, and making it a better, greener place to live.

I’d like not to use so much words, but tell you about some action.

Some time ago (maybe 5 years or so), I started to ride a bicycle, instead of using the public transportation system, a personal car or the taxis.

Our bicycles

I am not talking here about the bicycle as leisure or doing things like this (if you do things like this, you’ll have to search for tips somewhere else;-)

I’m talking about the bicycle as a transport in a big or small city.

I believe it’s one of the most effective means of transport, invented by humans till today.

It changed my life.

I am faster than a car, a bus, tram or even the underground.

I do not have to pay taxes, buy gas and oil, worry about expensive repairs and worry about finding a place to park my car.

In Amsterdam, which population is around 730’000 people, the preferred means of transport are the following: 35% – bicycle, 40% – cars, and 25% – public transportation system [source].

It means, around 250’000 people in this European city choose every day the bicycle.

It means, it is possible!

It’s more a question of personal choice.

And of wise municipal policy.

Would be nice if we, people, realise that small choices we make (like use a bicycle for transportation everyday), are worth much more than a thousand words in someone’s blog…

So stop reading (and writing) now, go buy a bicycle (if you didn’t yet do so), and start riding!

The Earth will be very grateful for this action of yours… :-)

And your co-citizens, too…

[note: 2007 image was removed from the servers of so I replaced it with 2009 image…]


Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

17'628 km on the roads with my bike(s)This number showed today my bike computer, under Total Odometer Distance.

It means, I made 17’628 km, or almost 11’000 miles, in approx. 4 years, since I own a bicycle.

Is this too much or too less?


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