Ye olde water tower

This old water tower (designed and built by the engineer Franz Salbach in 1929) is located in Lozenets, Sofia. It is now the home of the +365 art gallery.

The old water tower in Lozenets, Sofia
The old water tower. (Shot with Pixel 4; Night Sight mode, minor post-processing.)

I visited this place a few days ago, it’s autumn now and the tower looked absolutely magical at dusk… :-)

P.S. (27-Oct-2021) I’ve just remembered that a friend of mine, Nixo, posted a cool (and funny) set of pictures featuring this exact same tower! Take a look! :-)

Jordan Peterson on sorting your life

Jordan Peterson on sorting your life:

(This is an excerpt taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1070 with Jordan Peterson as guest.)

“The world is full of darkness, let’s say. And each one of us has a little bit of light. And if we release that light…”
“The world is a lesser place, if you do not reveal, from within yourself, what you have to reveal.”

Take six minutes of your time and watch the full video. It’s worth these minutes, and more. (I tweeted about it but Twitter is too volatile, so adding a more solidly built reference to it in my blog.)

Autumn sunrise

I love autumn. The colors in the sky, the colors on earth… they’re magical.

Autumn sunrise
Autumn sunrise over the old nut tree. (Shot with Pixel 4; minor post-processing.)

This morning, it was the sky.

What if cameras were able to show what we see with our own eyes? Hélas! Ce n’est pas possible… pas encore.

P.S. Five minutes later… and the colors were gone.

Autumn sunrise, 5 minutes later
Only five minutes later…

The forest of Marchaevo (a short photowalk)

On 11/Sep./2021, we went to Marchaevo village. There is a nice forest right next to the village where we may go every once in a while. It’s not a very popular place so we could enjoy some peace and quiet — which is always a nice thing. :-)))

The forest of Marchaevo: An experiment with ants, beginning.
An experiment — let’s give some tangerines and bread to the red-black ants… and see what happens a couple of hours later!

The forest of Marchaevo:
Just a crop of the previous photo. I love all the details that the Pixel 4 was able to capture in this macro.

The forest of Marchaevo: Onopordum acanthium.
A Scottish thistle, also known as Onopordum acanthium.

The forest of Marchaevo: Brambles.
Brambles. They were tasty, too, not only beautiful!

The forest of Marchaevo: The Peaceful Forest
“The Peaceful Forest”

The forest of Marchaevo: The Peaceful Forest, Part II
“The Peaceful Forest, Part II”

The forest of Marchaevo: A magical web.
A magical web.

The forest of Marchaevo: Birches at sunset.
Birches at sunset.

The forest of Marchaevo: The experiment with ants, three hours later.
The experiment, three hours later — the bread has 100% disappeared; while the tangerines were still work-in-progress. :-)

The forest of Marchaevo: A deer.
A deer, staring at our car!

When we were going back to Sofia, Ani suddenly saw a deer! A young beautiful deer. We have never seen a deer around these places — but lo and behold! here it was. We tried a shot or two, but of course, a digital zoom is no match to an optical one and the photos were blurry and pixelated. Still… more important is that we saw this beautiful animal. :-)

The deer stared at us for a minute or two, and we stared at the deer. Then it left — jumping elegantly, it soon disappeared in the woods next to this meadow.

This was the most magical thing of that day…

*update* (10:37): Ani made a better photo — still blurry but it’s better, here’s a crop:

The forest of Marchaevo: A deer. [photo by Ani]

Jean-Paul Belmondo is no more…

Jean-Paul Belmondo died yesterday, at the age of 88.

A few quotes from this article published in the New York Times:

Later in his career Mr. Belmondo professed an unpretentious modesty, shrugging off his success, but at his box-office height in the 1960s, he was anything but modest. In an interview with the film critic Rex Reed in 1966, he all but sneered at American fans who were lining up to see his movies. “I do not blame them,” he said, puffing on a cigar and stretching out his long legs underneath a table at Harry’s Bar in Venice. “I am worth standing in line to see.”


More and more Mr. Belmondo became known for popular adventures, usually comic thrillers. And he became famous for elaborate stunts in which he took great pride in performing himself. He hung from skyscrapers, leapt across speeding trains, drove cars off hillsides. Co-stars said he seemed all but fearless. While shooting one scene in South America, he was warned that a river, into which he was about to plunge for a scene, was filled with poisonous snakes and piranha. Mr. Belmondo grabbed a chunk of corned beef and slung it into the murky water. When nothing happened, he jumped in and filmed the scene.


A year later the marriage had ended in divorce. Mr. Belmondo had three children with Ms. Constantin. The eldest, Patricia, died in a fire in 1994, but their younger daughter, Florence, and a son, Paul, survive him. The divorce was rumored to have resulted from a romance by Mr. Belmondo with one of his co-stars, Ursula Andress. He and Ms. Andress did have a long-term public relationship after the divorce. He was later romantically involved with another actress, Laura Antonelli. But not until 2002, when he was 70 years old, did he marry again, to 24-year-old Nathalie Tardivel. That marriage ended in divorce six years later. They had a daughter, Stella, who also survives him.

As a kid, I watched quite a few movies with Jean-Paul who at this time was at the peak of his career, notably L’As des As (Ace of Aces) and a few others. I will miss his bright smile — but I can still re-watch some of his best movies…

Jean-Paul Belmondo in Ace of Aces (L'As des As)