The (secret world of the) Japanese Swordsmiths

How Japanese swords (the Katana) were made, an absolutely brilliant short documentary from 1997!

The Japanese sword is the soul of the Samurai. The crafting of this work of art — which embodies beauty, strength and tradition — has been shrouded in secrecy for more than a thousand of years. Because of the highly advanced techniques and numerous years of dedicated effort required in crafting Japanese swords, the skill has always been a closely kept and jealously guarded secret. Yohindo Yoshihara is a consummate Japanese swordsmith and a very high regarded Mukansa craftman in Japan. He is also the best-known Japanese swordsmith outside of Japan.
This video has been produced to appeal to all aficionados of the Japanese sword around the world and is a treasure trove of secrets to Yohindo Yoshihara’s truly outstanding Japanese sword craftsmanship.

Watched the documentary today and was very impressed. A craftsman can do what no machine can — achieving perfect balance, symmetry, and beauty…