After I tweeted and dribbbled, I decided also to blog about a simple drawing experiment of mine. Here it is — the Flying Cloud clipper ship:

Flying cloud (drawing by Michel Bozgounov)
Flying Cloud (my drawing with a Rotring 0.35 mm pencil, an eraser and a simple ruler).

I used as reference the famous painting by Antonio Jacobsen:

Flying Cloud, by Antonio Jacobsen
Antonio Jacobsen: Flying Cloud, 1913 (the painting is in the Public Domain).

It all started with a couple of lines on the paper… (I know that my drawing has many flaws but making it was a lot of fun!:-)

In the next GIF file I tried to super-impose the two drawings:

Flying cloud (drawing)
The original painting and my drawing.

I love ships, and especially sailing ships.

I think that the clipper ship is the most perfect ship ever invented by man. Of course, with the coming of the steam engine, clippers started to disappear, but even today, they are still as perfect and beautiful! :-)

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