Fuji X-10 Magic

Still can’t believe that FujiFilm X-10 can deliver photos of such amazing quality, straight in JPG, in automatic mode, and almost without any post-production editing of the colors!

Fuji X-10 (Seven Rila lakes)
(original – 2816 x 1864, JPG)

Fuji X-10 (Seven Rila lakes)
(original – 2816 x 1864, JPG)

These two shots are from the Seven Rila lakes, where we went with Ani on the 30th of September this year (it was our 8-th year together, we had an anniversary to celebrate)!

* * *

12 MPix, 2/3″ EXR CMOS sensor, RAW/JPEG, 28-112 mm vario lens (35 mm equiv.), F2.0-2.8 — the technical characteristics of the Fuji X-10 are pretty good.

But this is not that important — more important is that shooting with the camera gives the photographer an immense pleasure, with every shot taken. I call it “The Fuji magic”. :-)

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