Photo Styles in Adobe Fireworks

In general, Adobe Fireworks is not intended for serious photo manipulations.

{fw} Lincoln car (Fw style)

However, the program has such capabilities too, which is a great plus when one’s working in a “mixed” (vectors+bitmaps) design mode, for screen.

The above illustration was created in less than 3 seconds, using a simple photo, and applying a ready-to-use photo style in Fireworks.

Here’s the original:

{fw} Lincoln car (photo)

Photo styles can be installed quite easily and then (re)used in any kinds of situations.

Here are a couple of interesting sets for your attention:

Photo styles set (1), by Mikko Vartio
Photo styles set (2), by Linus Lim

The end results can be quite interesting, and it all takes just a couple of clicks! Also note, you can easily create your own styles, for all kinds of possible uses (not limited to slight photo-retouching). :)