Keep The Fire [DD#067]

Daily Design
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Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 10 min
Idea (finalized): 2011.04.08
[Daily Design 2011-005 [TL#067]]

Banjo Pigs in Technicolor (2)

Two more “color” interpretations of the Nixo’s banjo pigs:

Colors by Vladi
(ths is how Vladi saw the colors in the illustration)

Colors by Vanya Ivanova
(and this is how Vanya Ivanova saw the colors in the illustration)

This is from the same evening, when we, together with some friends, were coloring with water pencils some banjo pigs… Interesting to see that everyone sees different colors in the same drawing, isn’t it? :)

War Inc 2 Movie Announced

After the great success of War Inc. (2008), this year the sequel was announced!

Michel & John

Michel & John

I participated in the first part of the movie (during the cold November of 2006), and after my magnificent appearance there, together with John Cusack and Marisa Tomei, holding an AK-47 and bravely “fighting” on the premises of Sofia Airport and in some abandoned factories, I was invited to participate in the second part of the movie, now as a principal star!

Michel Bozgounov

I have many other photos from the movie sets, but only these two were around so that I could quickly make the new posters for War Inc (2)… ;)

Michel & John

PS Btw, this is no Photoshop/Fireworks, that’s me with John Cusack, Nov. 18, 2006, 13:30. Everyone has his brief moment of fun fame, right? ;)