Daily Design (2010-062): The round-up

2010 ends. And so ends (for now, at least) the Daily Design series. :)

Did I fail or did I win?

— I failed, because I did not manage to create/publish 365 daily designs, as I have promised to myself nearly a year ago. Instead of 365, I managed to create ~ 60 works.

— But I also succeeded, because I now master Fireworks much better, and I understand better the concepts of combining color, light and shadow. I experiment more.

Finally — why I am doing it? For pure fun. (Ani said it much better in today’s 50th episode of Friday Bunny.)

Daily Design

So Happy New Year and cheers! C’ya soon in 2011!

(I can open a bottle of wine and say “Cheers!” because I don’t have Dipsophobia…;-)

Daily Design (2010-061): Fireworks Resolution 2011

Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 1.5 h
Idea/completed: 2010/Dec/31 @ ~18:00

I was inspired by this dribbble shot by Tymn Armstrong (here’s my re-bound). And not that I am not using Fireworks every day for Web work even now, but I plan to use it even more in 2011! This is one of the Web apps that became indispensable in my daily Web work.

PS And… err, maybe I also wanted to make some cool-looking Denim texture… ;)

Daily Design (2010-060): The Lock and the Key

Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 1h
Current version completed: 2010/Dec/15:40

A bit of an experiment with light and perspective…

/* Or maybe you could say that I would like to find the key with which to unlock some things for me in 2011. I hope I’ll find it… ;) */

UPDATE (2010/Dec/27): One more variant… :)

Daily Design

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