Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 1 min
Idea/Completed: 2010/Nov/29 @ ~ 18:00

Just a tiny minimalistic pencil, drawn in under a minute in Fireworks… :)

3 thoughts on “Daily Design (2010-056): Minimalistic Pencil

  1. @kstagg:

    OK, I have to admit that the time is close to 2 minutes 30 seconds — I just re-did the pencil from scratch (made a similar looking one), and it took a bit more than 2 minutes, including making the pencil body and adding the shadow…

    I did not use a mouse or a tablet, but a TrackPoint (I am working a lot on a ThinkPad). The illustration is full-vector, created in Adobe Fireworks. The speed of Fireworks combined with the power (and ease-of-use) of the TrackPoint allows me to work very fast… :)

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