Daily Design (2010-054): The Red Star Company Logo

Daily Design

Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 45 mins (v.1) & 2 h (v.2)
Idea/Completed: 2010/Nov/09 @ 17:00

Inspired by Ulrik Jensen, and created for pure fun using Fireworks tools and blending modes (make sure to click the images to see the full-size versions — up to 1060x880px!).

Because I realize my logo for the non-existing company “Red Star” (should not be confused with Red Star Line) looks too similar to Ulrik’s work, I asked permission to publish my own version, and Ulrik was kind enough to allow me to do so! :)

The second version of the Red Star Company logo uses part of a photograph which is in the Public Domain (it shows the steamer Lapland, by Red Star Line).

(EDIT @ 21:05) A third variant, based on some valuable feedback from Ani:
Daily Design