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Typeface vs. Font

Friday, October 15th, 2010


A typeface is a single set of characters that share stylistic unity. A typeface usually comprises an alphabet of letters, numbers, punctuation and diacritical marks.


Old school typographers defined a font as a complete character set of a particular typeface in one size. When type made the leap to the digital realm, a font became an electronic file that rendered the typeface in all sizes.

(via FontShop)

It’s so nice someone can explain the difference so clearly and simply! :)

[ PDF ]

Daily Design (2010-047): Cardboard Box

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 2 h
Idea/Completed: 2010/Oct/08 @ 23:59

Some say, by imitation, sometimes we learn the best. Well, today then, I tried to learn from Tim Van Damme — I avow my results are not as impressive as his, but I tried very hard! :)

Daily Design (2010-046): Good Friends

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Daily Design

Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks CS5
Time: ~ 20 m
Idea/Completed: 2010/Oct/08 @ 21:15

Not sure exactly, why I came up with this today… Maybe because I have a birthday tomorrow? Or because Winter is coming, cold and snowy?…

Anyway, that’s the illustration that showed up in my mind this evening, and I just translated it into pixels… :)

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