Be Happy

To be happy: Eat & sleep well, be in motion all time, often go to see the mountains, the sun, the clouds and the sea, share life with great friends and do not ignore Love.

Or, as a famous Zen proverb says it:

“Before Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. That’s all.”

PS Also about work: do what you love and be happy just to do it, no matter the results.

The Vinyl/Analogue Feeling

a turntable

A feeling long forgotten…

The gramophone record starts turning, then you place the needle carefully on it, a slight hissing is heard, a couple of seconds pause follows, and then… the music starts playing. And by the end of the record, you must reverse it, so you can listen to the other side, too.

I like Audio CDs, and the MP3/FLAC music formats, but the feeling of listening to a cassette tape (4.76 cm/sec, Dolby B NR, Fe2 03/Cr 02, 120 µs/70 µs — anyone remembers these strange digits?) or to a 33 1/3 record is… very different.