Adobe Fireworks: Is It Worth Switching to CS5?

Long-time readers of my modest blog know that I am big fan of Fireworks — my favourite design app of all times. When it comes to design for Web and screen, it combines for me the vector and bitmap power of Photoshop and Illustrator, so I very rarely use either Ps or Ai. In fact, I most probably use Adobe Fireworks 90% of my time, and the rest 10% are almost equally divided between Ai, Ps and Flash.

I am also a long-time reader of Smashing Magazine and have enjoyed quite a lot of their extensive articles about design and development.

Today, these two favourites of mine combined into one, so I am very happy and proud to announce that my first article for Smashing Magazine — an extensive review of Adobe Fireworks CS5 — has just been published!

Fireworks CS5 is better, faster, more powerful than ever, and I enjoy using the new version almost 24/7 now. I am glad the readers of Smashing Magazine will be able to read my in-depth review of Fireworks — I hope it will be useful to many design professionals! ;)


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