Light Trails painting (drawing) in Sofia by night…

Night is falling, and it seems appropriate to me to share with you my (our) first attempts at light trails drawing, made with a Canon S5 IS digital camera, which was set up on a bench in the park (settings: 15 seconds exp., F/3.5, ISO 100).

The date is April 23rd, and the participants are: me, Ani, Nixo, Katya (and Raly).

We used a small bottle and a cup to mark the two boundaries of the frame, and 2 lighters (with blue lights). Here are some of the best shots:

Light Trails Photography
First try! (Btw, I think I dropped the “E” from my name, but well… Flick’r also dropped theirs, so I can live with that!) ;-)

Light Trails Photography
Second try…

Light Trails Photography
And this is “NixoNixo” — or actually, Nixo2! ;-)

Light Trails Photography
An attempt to draw a naked woman… Hmmm… I think it rather resembles a Blue Alien, you know, but with a bit of imagination… :-D

Light Trails Photography
“Katya” in light trails…

Light Trails Photography
“Ani” in light trails… :-)

Light Trails Photography
And this beautiful flower was drawn by Ani, in just a few strokes!

Light Trails Photography
A portrait of a dog (again by Ani)

Light Trails Photography
Fat Cat — by Nixonixo.

Light Trails Photography
A smiley! :-P

Light Trails Photography
A ghost-like figure…

Light Trails Photography
This is a Sumo Fighter, using some “mixed” technique — I was standing in a weird pose, and Nixo was painting the countours! :)

Light Trails Photography
This is the Masterpiece of the Evening — “A Knight and his Dame”, by Ani and Nixo!

Light Trails Photography
“Ping-pong Players” — 4 of us were participating to create this drawing — two of us posing, and two — drawing!

* * *

It was super-fun! I hope that with some better equipment and some more experience, we could create in the dark at least La Joconde or Smaug the Dragon! :-)))


Comments to “Light Trails painting (drawing) in Sofia by night…”:

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  2. Yabulka Says:

    Wow! Great! Bravo — very very good idea and execution!

  3. Michel Says:


    Thank you! :-)

  4. Sarthak Singhal Says:

    This is pretty cool. I have yet to try this technique for my photography skills. I always try to do it and then something else comes up and it gets sidelined :(

  5. Michel Says:


    Well, just go out on a dark evening/night, take your Canon with you. Try with 15-30 seconds @ around F/4, then try at longer exposures and higher F number. Use some small diode lights, and draw anything you like! It’s especially good to go out with friends — lots of fun! :)

  6. Adela Says:

    that was really awesome im learning about light trails for my Art Photography homework and i think this puts a modern twist on things, you did a great job you should be proud! :)

  7. Michel Says:

    Thanks, Adela! :)

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