Adobe Fireworks: Is It Worth Switching to CS5?

Long-time readers of my modest blog know that I am big fan of Fireworks — my favourite design app of all times. When it comes to design for Web and screen, it combines for me the vector and bitmap power of Photoshop and Illustrator, so I very rarely use either Ps or Ai. In fact, I most probably use Adobe Fireworks 90% of my time, and the rest 10% are almost equally divided between Ai, Ps and Flash.

I am also a long-time reader of Smashing Magazine and have enjoyed quite a lot of their extensive articles about design and development.

Today, these two favourites of mine combined into one, so I am very happy and proud to announce that my first article for Smashing Magazine — an extensive review of Adobe Fireworks CS5 — has just been published!

Fireworks CS5 is better, faster, more powerful than ever, and I enjoy using the new version almost 24/7 now. I am glad the readers of Smashing Magazine will be able to read my in-depth review of Fireworks — I hope it will be useful to many design professionals! ;)

Light Trails painting (drawing) in Sofia by night…

Night is falling, and it seems appropriate to me to share with you my (our) first attempts at light trails drawing, made with a Canon S5 IS digital camera, which was set up on a bench in the park (settings: 15 seconds exp., F/3.5, ISO 100).

The date is April 23rd, and the participants are: me, Ani, Nixo, Katya (and Raly).

We used a small bottle and a cup to mark the two boundaries of the frame, and 2 lighters (with blue lights). Here are some of the best shots:

Light Trails Photography
First try! (Btw, I think I dropped the “E” from my name, but well… Flick’r also dropped theirs, so I can live with that!) ;-)

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