Daily Design (2010-020): The eyes of the night II

Daily Design
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Meta info:
Software: Adobe Fireworks
Time: ~ 30 m
Idea & completed: 2010/Jan/18 @ 18:00)

This is not only Ani‘s idea, but this time, she also helped me perfection the illustration!

And now you can also see where’s the cat that said “Miaaaoou!” in the previous episode! ;-)


Comments to “Daily Design (2010-020): The eyes of the night II”:

  1. Tricia Says:

    Oh this is brilliant! I loved the first one, but this one is even more lovely, especially with the addition of the kitty! :)

  2. Michel Says:


    Thank you!

    Now you also can see how much better an illustration can become, when Ani adds her amazing creative touch! ;)

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