Daily Design: The Change

After 2 weeks of experimenting…

1) I don’t think you can create and perfection 365 designs/illustrations in one year, and without spending too much time for this task (actually, I like most of the things I have published up to now, but…)…

Still, the limiation “one design every day” makes things pretty hard. Some of the ideas need more time, but if you spend only 20 -30 minutes every day, the time is not enough. Maybe it would be good for me to spend more time, a few days or even a week, for some of my ideas…

2) For this reason, I may later decice to separate the RSS feed for the category Daily Design from my main RSS feed. Anyone that would like to continue following my progress, can simply subscribe to the Daily Design RSS.

Well, that’s it… Let’s see if later, something new will appear in the Daily Design… :)

UPDATE: Curious to see other “contestants”? In the comments for this blog post, there’s a long list of URLs! :-)


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