Burj Dubai – 818 m high and ready!

Burj Dubai (or, as how I prefer to call it, the “New Tower of Saruman” ;-) will be officially inaugurated today!

I’ve read the info in Sarthak Singhal‘s blog, who in his free time likes to travel a lot (and in his other time works as Adobe engineer for the Adobe Fireworks amazing graphic design app;-).

Burj Dubai tower
(photo of the Burj Dubai tower, a few months before it was finished)

I didn’t even believe that they could finish this gigantic construction (is the world at crisis or?…), but looks like the tower is a fact and is high the amazing 818 metres (2’684 ft)!

The ceremony can be watched live today on www.burjdubai.com, if you’re curious… :)

(UPDATE @ 1010/Jan/01: Tower was renamed at the opening, and its height confirmed to be 828 m!)


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