FireworksZone Fireworks contest, 1st place (and more cool wallpapers)

This illustration is made in Adobe Fireworks:

Fireworks illustration by Lucian Dragomir
(click to open in full size)

All you see is pure Fireworks power, all vectors and symbols and live effects!

This amazing work was created by Lucian Dragomir, a talented Fireworks designer, and has won the 1st place in a recent Adobe Fireworks contest, run by FWZone and Adobe.

If you’re curious, you can download the original and de-construct it in Fireworks:
[ download original Fireworks PNG file (6.5 MB, .fw.png) ]

There were some other very good contributions in that contest, too — take a look at the other winners:

Fireworks illustration by Angelo Sabal Fireworks illustration by Zsolt Szekely

Fireworks illustration by Mikko Vartio Fireworks illustration by Karol Orzel

…but 1st place is really my favourite!

And it also perfectly shows that the creative possibilities with Fireworks are almost endless! (Some time ago, I have shown a few other good Fireworks examples here:-)

Finally, if you sometimes wonder, is Fireworks better than Photoshop (for screen/Web/UI design), wonder no more! :)))


Comments to “FireworksZone Fireworks contest, 1st place (and more cool wallpapers)”:

  1. Lucian Dragomir Says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for the kind words and for featuring me.

    I had a great time competing and I congratulate all the designers. I hope to see you all next year.

  2. Michel Says:


    Your work is very good! :-)

    I am a big fan of Fireworks, I am using this amazing program for 5+ years now, and I always enjoy seeing Fireworks pushed to its limits — like in your wallpaper!

    (Sorry, I did not link to 2313studio website, because it appears it is not yet finished;-)

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