A quick Looney Tunes imitation with Fireworks

Doing graphic design in Adobe Fireworks is easy. And not only easy, but fun.

The following imitation of the oh-so-well-known-around-the-world logo of Looney Tunes was created by me just for fun, a couple of days ago:

A Looney Tunes imitation with Adobe Fireworks
(click on the image for original size!)

I don’t have the Looney Tunes font, so it doesn’t look as close to the original… I could have imitated it better, of course, but maybe some other time — it looks not bad even as it is now… :)


Comments to “A quick Looney Tunes imitation with Fireworks”:

  1. Gino Says:

    try using their old-skool font: http://www.typenow.net/files/themed/looneytunes.zip

    nice work btw man :)

  2. Michel Says:


    Thanks! :) And I’ll check this font!

  3. Michel Says:


    Checked the font — I think I know it — it’s close but it not the same… May try it, anyway! :)

  4. Mo' Says:

    Hey great work
    id like to do the same thing
    where or how did u do the font ?

  5. Michel Says:

    Hi, Mo,

    I used some quite common font(s). They just have a red outline below, which can be achieved very easily in Adobe Fireworks.

    So my suggestion would be — fire up Fireworks and start experimenting! :-)

    And the “circles effect” is done quite easily, too — in Fireworks, as well.

  6. Mo' Says:

    Thank you Michel, ill try it and show you when its done ^^

  7. Michel Says:


    I’d be happy to see your results! And just tell me if you need any Fireworks resources (tutorials, articles) — I have some good collection of links that I can share in a future post!

  8. Mo' Says:

    Ah nice, thank you, i’ll be happy to use ’em ^^
    actually what i want to do, is put the picture of a face in a middle of the logo and write “thats all folks” something like that.

  9. Michel Says:


    Best place to start:


    Anything Adobe Fireworks related, and we’ll help! :-)

  10. Mo' Says:

    Thank you so much
    Can i ask you how did u do the circle font ?

  11. Michel Says:

    Circle font? You mean, the circles?? :)

    Commands > Creative > Twist and Fade is your helper!

  12. Mo' Says:

    ah thank you
    im on it ^^

  13. Gabby Says:

    this is awesome :)
    I have a question. I randomly came across this in Google images looking for the Looney Tunes logo. I want to make a cd cover with “Tommy Tunes” instead of “Looney Tunes.” Do I need a program? I really know nothing about this..sorry! thanks for your help!

  14. Michel Says:


    Yes, you need a program. I have made the image in Adobe Fireworks, you can download (after registration, which is easy), a free 30-days trial and make the same thing! There are many tutorials online that can help you! :)

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