Fireworks Grunge Styles 1.0

Today I am happy to announce for download the following Fireworks styles, by Fireworks guru Mikko Vartio:

(You can find Mikko in Twitter and Flickr, where he often posts about Adobe Fireworks.)

The styles are called Fireworks Grunge Styles, version 1.0.

They are absolutely free — but if you mention their author, Mikko, in a project where you plan to use them, this will be greatly appreciated! ;-)

Fireworks Grunge Styles (screenshot)
[downloaded over 300 times between Nov 14, 2009 and Dec 30, 2010!]

Description from the Author

  • The styles are based on Advanced Stroke settings and Alpha channel.
  • The grunge comes from custom white stroke and with Filters/Convert To Alpha, the stroke is “removed”.
  • Each style is coloured with Filters/Hue/Saturation settings, so color can be adjusted with adjusting the Hue value (see “Filters” section in the Property Inspector).

Installation & Use

Simply copy the file “Grunge Styles.stl” (found in the ZIP archive) to the Adobe Fireworks “Styles” folder and restart Fireworks.

1) Example location of the folder on Windows XP, for Fireworks CS4:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\Styles\

2) Example location of the folder on Windows Vista, for Fireworks CS4:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\Styles\

(For Windows 7 and MacOS X, please, refer to Adobe Fireworks Help, for the exact location of the “Styles” folder!)

That’s it! :-)

After you have copied the styles to the Fireworks “Styles” folder, and restarted Fireworks, you can can select “Grunge Styles” from the dropdown list in the “Styles” panel [screenshot], then select an object on the canvas, and apply any of the styles to it. They can be also edited easily (color, for example), so feel free to experiment!

Of course, you can also load the styles without first copying them: Open the “Styles” panel in Fireworks, then select “Load Style” from the panel menu [screenshot], and load them! (But personally, I prefer the other method.)


[ Download Fireworks Grunge Styles 1.0 ]

Enjoy! :)

[ short URL: ]


Comments to “Fireworks Grunge Styles 1.0”:

  1. Mikko Says:

    Thanks Michel for releasing this these and “borrowing the blog”.

    I must mention that these styles are no means official or “the styles”. These styles are showcase of FW capabilities of pulling out grunge with build-in functions. This is just one way of doing grunge with Fireworks.

    Styles can be used additional elements to spicing up the designs or just for fun. It is often said that FW is missing PS-like brushes and therefore has limited functionality on creating grunge. I hope that these styles will be an example of creative possibilites of Fireworks.

  2. gino Says:

    smooth! :)

    2010 is the year of the Fireworks!

  3. Michel Says:


    Very nice styles, Mikko!

    Thank you for releasing them to the community! :-)


    I hope 2011 will be even better, once we see Fireworks CS5 released! I hear it will be faster and more stable;)

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