W3C HTML icons (by Veerle Pieters), PNG+alpha

I wrote recently about some very nice HTML icons which Veerle Pieters created and released for free.

W3C HTML icon from Veerle, PNG

Unfortunately, the icons were in JPG format, which restricted their possible uses (they were also released in MacOS icon type, but this format cannot be used in the Web, obviously).

To my deligh, after a few commenters (including myself;-) asked for a PNG+alpha version, Veerle most happily shared it with us, too! :-)

You can download the icons from her website and/or from here (the distribution of the icons is absolutely free and unlimited, as well as their use):

download all icons in one ZIP archive, PNG+alpha

Cool! :-)


Comments to “W3C HTML icons (by Veerle Pieters), PNG+alpha”:

  1. SiamJai Says:


    I wonder how easy this would be to recreate in Fireworks. The 3D cube looks like it’s made with the Cube auto shape. :D

  2. Michel Says:


    Probably quite easy, but I don’t have the time/inspiration to attempt it right now. Maybe you can try and then post the results? ;-)

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