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A small trip to the East…

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Last Saturday, we met my grand-pa for the first time. On Sunday, he turned 95! :-)

Here, I’d like to share a few shots from this trip (we traveled from Sofia around 200 km to the East to meet him):

Paysage with train

BDZ (Bulgarian Railways, at Gorna Oryahovitza)


Veliko Tyrnovo


Few quick shots…

Friday, May 8th, 2009

…from the last few days:

grass near NDK, Sofia
(NDK, Sofia, May 1, 2009 ~ 18:00)

water drops in the grass, after rain
(water drops in the grass, near Dimitar Blagoev P&P house, Sofia, May 1, 2009 ~ 19:30)

a tulip in the gras
(a tulip in the grass, Svoge, May 4, 2009 ~ 15:30)

траве на залез слънце
(green grass at sunset, Svoge, May 4, 2009 ~ 19:10)

I love the grass, the Sun, the rain, the colors… :-)

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