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Beat Box… in three voices (2)

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

His name is е Joseph Poolpo.

This man is unique with this — he can sing in three voices, simultaneously (beat box, but in three voices!).

Two years ago I’ve found a video with him; the video was on YouTube and later I have found that it is deleted (possibly a problem with copyright).

But these days, by accident, I have discovered another recording with him:

I hope that YouTube won’t delete the video this time — watch it, while it is possible! :-)

What MySQL collation to choose: utf8_unicode_ci or utf8_general_ci?

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I was searching for some time the answer to the following question:

What’s the difference between utf8_unicode_ci and utf8_general_ci (MySQL collations)?

I have almost no knowledge in PHP/MySQL, so I have read with the great interest the following info:,187048,188748#msg-188748

Generally speaking, it looks like the difference between these two collations is not too big; also, it appears that utf8_unicode_ci is more precise, and utf8_general_ci is faster.

I suppose also that if you plan to write in more than one language and/or to write in a language other than US/UK English, then utf8_unicode_ci is the better choice to make — for example, the German letter “ß” will be correctly sorted near “ss” (this won’t hapen, if you use utf8_general_ci collation). There are other differences, too, so drop a look at the article, if the topic interests you! :-)

Svoge (photowalk)

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

April 17th, a small trip to Svoge (Bulgaria) — just a few shots and some color corrections:

Sofia, Central train station:

Sofia Central Train Station

Sofia Central Train Station (one of the old locomotives)

Svoge and around:

The Svoge church

Spring blossoms

Flowers in the grass


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