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Crazy comic strips by Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Sometimes it’s nice to discover a fresh cartoonist, and to laugh about his strange sense of humour.

In this case, the discovery was made by Ani, who just found Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler.

The comic strips are short, funny, often kinda stupid, and even more often — with absolutely inimitable dark sense of humour, which I can compare only to the sense of humour of Here I present to you just a few examples (the images are linked to the originals):

“Have you seen the kids?”

wulffmorgenthaler comic strip

How toilet paper is made…

wulffmorgenthaler comic strip

The true version of “Imagine”

wulffmorgenthaler comic strip

[All images © by Anders Morgenthaler & Mikael Wulff, used with permission]

The comic strips are thousands and most of them are very original and funny (although a bit dark as humour, sometimes). If you have some free time to spend, and love comic strips, I recommend to you to browse the archives! :-)

* * *

Last (but not least) — it’s sad, when some good things sometimes disappear from our virtual world (Internet). For example, it looks like will disappear soon, and there were hundreds of good comic strips, which were very crazy and funny at the same time… I’ve found some of them in this archive, but only 20 strips or so can be found there, but they were at least 100 or more… We tried to contact the author, with no reply for now. Good things should not disappear and if just a small sum should be paid for hosting/domain, probably it could be raised by donating… :)

PS Thanks to the authors, who gave me the permission to use three of their comic strips in my posting! :-)
PPS This posting is a translation.

Maybe This Is The Biggest Logo Of Firefox In This World

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

A while ago, searching for a copy of the Firefox logo in some large format, I found an interesting website, which title ran like this:

Maybe This Is The Biggest Logo Of Firefox In This World

On this site there was nothing else, except one extremely big logo of the Firefox browser, in PNG format, 4500×4330 pixels in size! :-)

In a similar way, the domain name was very long and descriptive, too:

Unfortunately, now the URL gives an error (Bad Request [Invalid Hostname]), and I am not sure if there’s preserved somewhere online a copy of this logo, so I decided to publish mine, which I luckily saved locally on my computer at the time I first found the website.

Maybe This Is The Biggest Logo Of Firefox In This World (downsized version)

Download Firefox Logo (4500px x 4330px, PNG 32 bit, alpha transparent ]

The logo is not in vector format (the original was made in Macromedia Fireworks by British designer John Hicks), but anyway, ~ 4000×4000 pixels is quite a big size, and I think that this variant can be printed without a problem even on a big balloon or a gigantic billboard… ;-)

It’s also interesting to note, how time’s flying — the logo of Firefox is 5 years old, already (the Firefox browser is a bit older), and I feel as if it was yesterday, when we were all downloading a copy of Firefox 0.8 Beta, and Firefox started slowly to replace the Mozilla Suite 1.xx… :-)

//Sidenote: Firefox is under GPL, and I guess, its logo is also covered by this free license;-)

UPDATE/DISCLAIMER (2009/Mar/01@23:30): This logo of Firefox is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation, and is not used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. It is an exact copy of the Firefox logo, downloaded from this website.

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