Courage the cowardly dog

Courage the cowardly dogWhen I first saw Courage, the fearless cowardly dog, I was much impressed by the animation and the originality of the mini-series.

I think that since Tom and Jerry there were not invented better cartoons than Courage! :-)

Here I will show you one of the series, chosen at random:

[Flash player with embedded Video/Audio]

…and not only because Courage the cowardly dog is a funny dog, but also to make a proof that you can obtain a much better audio/video quailty, encoding your movies yourself, compared to the crappy quaility of YouTube:)))

Enjoy the movie! :)

PS And don’t forget to search for all the other Courage series — your invested time will be worth it! ;-)


Comments to “Courage the cowardly dog”:

  1. Chelsea Says:

    I used to lovee this cartoon :) it’s been forever since I’ve seen it. I wish they still made it :)
    Thank youu :)

  2. Michel Says:

    You’re welcome!

    I just posted one episode… I think you can find most of the episodes @ YouTube… :)

  3. Jonathan Busch Says:

    I love and like Courage The Cowardly Dog. I still watch it. I think they may be create new Courage The Cowardly Dog shows.

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