Michael Jackson posterMichael Jackson, the legend, the King of Pop, the unforgettable, the unique…

Michael Jackson will have a series of conerts in London in July 2009!

I’ve got the news from BBC’s website: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7925388.stm, but you can also read about it on CNN.com, as well.

Tickets will be available on:


The prices for the tickets will be quite decent — £75/ £65/ £50, you just have to grab two tickets and then book your airline tickets, too (unless you are lucky and live in London, of course;-) Btw, tickets will be available after March 13th.

Michael Jackson

I don’t think there was, or ever will be a person in this world that can dance like Michael Jackson…

(I might be wrong, of course…)

Unfortunately, I’ll have to postpone my dreams of seeing Michael Jackson live in London this summer (because of financial reasons)…

But I always liked him. Not his songs so much, but his dance, because it is truly unique as style. No matter how many imitators there will be in this world, they’ll remain simply imitators, because he is The One… The person, who invented the Moon Walk… The person, who has sold millions of copies of the ‘Thriller’ album…

…And the rest, as they say it, is simply History! ;-)

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